Monday, 23 April 2007

A Question of Etiquette

You are travelling to the train station (going home after work) in a tram, and you spy a friend. Do you:

1. Jump off (after the tram has come to a complete stop) and say "Hi".

2. Send a text message saying "I can see you".

3. Ignore the person completely (leaving the possibility that you might be seen and henceforth known as a snob).

4. Post a message on Blogger.

5. A combination of the above.

6. Something else.

Your confused Melbournian,


Monday, 16 April 2007

I Dont Like Cricket

I don't like cricket, oh no, I love it.
'Dreadlock Holiday' by 10cc

In this sports mad country that I live in, everyone must have their own team. So I chose the Australian Cricket team, because they participate in the only sport to incorporate meal breaks. And instead of having decent terminology like forwards, 4/8ths, striker, first base, etc it has great places like long leg and silly mid off.

This morning (Melbourne Time) the Irish Cricket team caused the greatest shock of the World Cup by beating Bangladesh. The Irish blood in my criminal body is celebrating (Ancestor stole a loaf of bread, or something, so was deported on the first fleet).

However I am looking forward to the next world cup where Bangladesh will make it to the semi-finals. They are a great enthusiastic team.

Tonight Australia plays Sri Lanka, in my rankings the top two teams in the world and realistically the two teams to meet in the final. After dinner I will have enough time to sleep for one hour, wake up watch the game (11:30ish pm start Melbourne time) and leave an hour before it is due to end to go to work (6:30ish am).

Go Sangakarra, Go Lasith Malinga, Go Ponting, Go Australia.

A Quick Joke (Comparitivly Speaking):


APPEAL - What is left in the fruit bowl after the lunch break.

BAIL - What a batsman does immediately after getting out cheaply.

BOWL - Where APPEAL is kept.

DELIVER - Italian body organ

GULLY - Adjective describing MCG outfield fauna.

MCG - Chinese cooking ingredient.

MISFIELD - Daughter of Mr. Field.

NIGHT WATCHMAN - Swiss timekeeper on late shift.

NON STRIKER - Pacifist.

NOT OUT - A quiet night at home.

SQUARE CUT - Glenn McGrath`s hairstyle.