Thursday, 28 May 2009

Work again

At work I liked my old title “program administrator” and as such I provide “program support”, my new title “academic services officer” says I provide services to academics – all true to a certain degree (no puns intended). However at the moment it seams that some academics are not happy with the services they have been receiving from other admin staff. My two academics seem to be very happy with me and are telling the other academics that they can not pinch me. However I do have one academic who sends me emails telling me that I’m incompetent which gets me down a lot.

At least I have a book full of “fencing, fighting, torture, poison, true love, hate, revenge, giants, hunters, bad men, good men, beautifulest ladies, snakes, spiders, beasts, chases, escapes, lies, truths, passion, and miracles” to read. It is a good book!


Tuesday, 19 May 2009



It has been an interesting week; I acted in some short plays and read Dame Judi Dench’s biography by John Miller. I always liked Judi Dench, enjoyed her wonderful performances in As Time goes By and Mrs Brown and those horribly punny 007 movies. Anyway my grandmother was gushing over the biography and I felt pressured to read it.

It was a beautiful read and now I want to see the videos of the plays that she has performed in.
I also want to see her accept her award from Robin Williams. What came through the book is what a special person she is to those around her and her sense of humour and that she is a wonderful actor. I wish I saw her perform when she did a show in Melbourne a few years ago.
I also wish I saw more theatre. Anyone up for a trip to the MTC?


When driving to my performance on Friday, 774ABC was eulogising an Australian actor, it took about twenty seven minutes for me to realise that they were talking about Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell.

No one at the theatre seemed to know who he was, what he did or even cared.

I was a bit moved by the news. I know that most of his career was before my time but I will always remember him, especially as the lawyer in the movie “The Castle” Directed by Rob Sitch and Produced by Working Dog Productions


No man is an island, entire of itself
Every man is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less,
As well as if a promontory were,
As well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind
And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
It tolls for thee.

by John Donne


Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tenth Year

At RMIT This is the tenth year of Snatches. Short plays by RMIT Students, performed by RMIT Students. I’ve been lucky enough to be one or two plays in Snatches and I thought I would make up my list of highlights from each year. I’ve tried to chose one play from each night (Wednesday and Friday), however in 2001 the same list was performed on both nights and my 2003 Friday night program has gone missing. Following my highlights are the plays that I have been in.

SFX: drum roll


10th Year 2000-2009

W - Digging into the Green Mountain by Mari
F – Other Woman by Gaylene

B – Carnal Pseudo-Skewered Pig by Jane

W – Attempted Sow a seed by Cameron
W – Dirty Angels by Mari
F – Therapy by Richard

B – Oh Sweet Baby by Cameron

W – Pacific Express by Sverre
F – The New Black by Jane

W – Little Red Man and Little Green Man by Suzi
F – RIP or Thank God It’s Bin Day Tomorrow by Jane

W – Funeral Plan by Bruce
W – Tea and Toast by Erin
F – The Spencer Spanking Plan by Meredith

W – Guernica by Feranando Arrabal
W – How to become an Emo by Nick
F – Shot by Anthony

W – Expecting by Melissa
W – Gareth and Eugene by Jimmy
W – Dragon vs Hero by Nick & Alia
F – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard

My Credits...

F – Terminus by Graeme

B – Der Erfindung Raum by Nic

W – Pictures at an Exhibition by Modeste Mussorgsky
F – The New Black by Jane

B – Personality Test by Matthew

W – Flick by Therese
W – A Trip to the Psychiatrist by Andrew

W – Selling Your Soul by Aimee
W – God by Suzi

W – Flick by Therese
W – Auto-Sanguination by James
F – The Bitches by Matthew

W – The Leader by Eugene Ionesco
W – Credits by Andrew
F – Johnny Catflap by Mathew

W – I’ve Been Everywhere Man by Andrew
W – The 13 Residents of Lupin by Rob and Seb
W – Batman and Superman by Aniko
F – Word-CONomy by Tania
F – Meating People is Easy by Mathew and Greta
F – The Devine Romance by Brett

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Riddle-Me-Monday - The first chapter

We need a bit more insanity at work, so I have started sending out weekly riddles. Here are the first lot...

Hello People,
Welcome to the first chapter of Riddle-Me-Monday. The perfect chance for a bit of insanity to prepare you for the rest of the week. If you do not wish to get my Riddle-Me-Monday email please let me know. This week's first riddle is pinched from a reasonably well known series of books. If you think there should be a prize for having a go let me know - I'm thinking in the sort of randomly select someone who replies, rather than first in. I have some rubbish that I need to get rid of - I mean some nice odds and ends that would be appreciated...



First think of the person who lives in disguise,
Who deals in secrets and tells naught but lies.

Next, tell me what’s always the last thing to mend,
The middle of middle and end of the end?

And finally give me the sound often heard
During the search for a hard-to-find word.

Now string them together, and answer me this,
Which creature would you be unwilling to kiss?


RIDDLE TWO (For those of you who are hungry)

A box without hinges, key or lid
Yet Golden treasure inside is hid
(what is it?)



Pronounced as one letter,
And written with three,
Two letters there are,
And two only in me.
I'm double, I'm single,
I'm black, blue, and gray,
I'm read from both ends,
And the same either way.
What am I?


Last Thursday and Friday some people were playing around with the traditional Riddle of the Sphinx.

Which creature in the morning goes on four feet, at noon on two, and in the evening upon three?

In Greek mythology the Sphinx (whom this riddle belongs to) sat outside the city of Thebes and asked this riddle to all travelers who passed. If the traveler said the wrong anser the Sphinx would eat her/him. No one could work out the answer for years until Oedipus solved the riddle and when the riddle was solved the Sphinx destroyed herself.

The answer is traditionally man (or humans, to be politically correct). The morning represents infancy, in which we crawl on all fours. We walk normally in the afternoon, and have a custom of using a cane or staff in the "evening" when we are elderly.


Monday, 4 May 2009

Being Human

What does being human mean?

I’ve been having fun rehearsing and acting in a play. In the play I am off stage a lot and so I talk to the actors and the crew.

I have been having fun chatting to L, and then on Saturday I was given a Chrysanthemum. It was nicely placed on my bag. A thousand emotions ran through me. Actually a thousand emotions have been running through me a bit lately, but it is funny how a lovely gesture can multiply them by a thousand. If our ages were a bit different, I would swoop her off her feet.

I think that was the first flower that I've ever been given.

(Have I used enough clich├ęs today?)