Thursday, 1 February 2007

Hello, my name is Andrew...

...and I like soggy icecream and walks in the rain.

Well, I hate soggy icecream, and being a semi-vegan I sometimes hate icecream. Semi-vegan sounds odd, I guess it is similar to how some people say "I am a vegetarian, but I eat fish." I should just say that I am a vegetarian who tries to limit his dairy intake.

However I do enjoy walking. Yesterday was spent walking around Melbourne with a number of friends. It was highly enjoyable... Looking at interesting architecture and talking about stuff.

Pizza at 'Red Rock Cafe' - very, very nice! It is down Lygon way. Try the gourmet vegetarian pizza. I hear that the non-vegetarian stuff is great as well.


Aidan said...

The gourmet Greco pizza was awesome.. glad you had a f u n night out.. Have to do that more often

lee said...

I came over here from stace's blog -and hi to aidan as well :). One day you might explain something in a way that a non-vegetarian can understand. A lot of vegetarians don't want to eat meat as they care about animals and don't want to eat them -but so often they will eat fish -I will never underdatnd that :).

lee said...

Also I will never understand why I wrote understand in such a dicky way.

Andrew said...

Hi Aidan and Lee,

Some people who want to be vegetarians eat fish to get essential vitamins and minerals which can be hard/impossible to get in a vegetarian diet. For example 'omega 3' oils.

An oil contains a chain of carbon atoms, which are bonded together with single or double bonds.

Most oils (olive oil) have double bonds every six carbons:
Omega Three oils (fish oil) have double bonds every three carbons

Is that right Aidan?

It has been too long since I did science at uni.

I dont know why they call themselves vegetarians.