Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Hi people,

I have been working on Thursdays for about three months in a job where the other person who works on the other days leaves on maternity leaves tomorrow. I applied for the position for when she was on leave.

I was told today that they wanted to job share the position. I heard a rumour that this was the case and I convinced myself that I would get the majority of the position, especially as I already know next to everything.

I got one day a week.

I feel dreadful,

Your depressed and dispirited friend,



Aidan said...

So sorry to hear that, that sucks.

Are you free this weekend, or some point this week?
Cofee, tea, or trivial pursuit..

Drown your sorrows in orange juice?
Or come round for dinner, we can cook up a storm.

Anonymous said...

I would like to drop by, I would enjoy that, thankyou. I am free on Friday night and all through Saturday.
Sunday can be difficult. Family dinner.

Lletna said...

bugger - no one can be better than you at the job
there has to be something bright and cheerful around the corner for you - work wise

See you on sunday for Lunch!

Aidan said...

Friday sounds good,