Monday, 25 February 2008

Work, Work and a bit of Nonsense

Work can be a funny thing. Especially with funny people around.

Today I was told off by Patricia, which did not make me feel good.

At work I have two jobs, I’m supposed to do one on Mon-Thurs and the other job on Friday. However with training a new boss, having one member of the team badly injured and all the deadlines in this month and the next coming quickly I find that I am doing bits of the Friday job on Mon-Thurs.

Anyway on Friday I had to finish something for the Thurs job so I did. Then on Monday I was told off for not concentrating on the Friday job on Friday. Grrrr.

Anyway must look on the bright side.

Nothing is better than a Rolls Royce
My bicycle is better than nothing.
Therefore my bicycle is better than a Rolls Royce

A syllogism is a kind of logical argument in which one conclusion is inferred from two premises.
Major premise: All humans are mortal.
Minor premise: Socrates is human.
Conclusion: Socrates is mortal.

I like my bike syllogism as it assumes that nothing has only one meaning when in fact it has many.


Lletna said...


I like your logic!

Stace said...

I thought of one of those today... and then I forgot it.

I love puns.

Anonymous said...

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