Thursday, 29 January 2009


Whether the weather be cold,
Whether the weather be hot
Whether the weather, whatever the weather
Whether you like it or not.

The weather in Melbourne on Wednesday was 43 degrees Celsius(109 degrees Fahrenheit) and it will be the same today and on Friday. When there will be a cool change on the weekend and will be about 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit). The minimum temperature last night was 29C (84F).

Listening to talkback radio this morning everyone was talking about the weather and complaining about lack of sleep. I find this talking about it, harder to cope with it. Plus Melbourne's weather is pretty good, it gets a lot hotter elsewhere, even in Australia.

Forecast for today (Thursday):

Sid-den-knee - 28 Fine. Mostly sunny
Melbourne - 43 Windy.
Brisvagus - 30 Mostly fine.
Perth - 26 Morning shower or two.
Adelaide - 44 Dry. Mostly sunny.
Hobart - 29 Fine.
Canberra - 37 Fine. Sunny
Darwin - 29 Monsoonal showers

Conversation with boss (Steve) last night.... (Steve is a bit of a car fan)

Steve: Are you driving home today or taking the train?

Me: Driving.

Steve: Thats good. Have you got air-conditioning.

Me: Yep.

Steve: Hopefully not just the window...

Me: No, my air-conditioning works pretty good. I turn it off when I go over one or two hills, but that is all. Its a good car, has a bit of power, probably because it is light and small. I can beat all the sports cars in going up one hill.

Steve: So you are a bit of a rev-head.

Me: Just a little on occasions.

Steve: Thats good. Everyone should be a little bit of a rev-head.

Me: Though they threw me out of the club the other day when I had ABC Classic FM blasting out of my radio

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Stace said...

It is a good and healthy thing that your rev-heading tendencies are tempered by ABC Classic FM!!