Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Isn't it amazing how songs can perfectly sum up how you are feeling?

I'm all alone
all by myself
there is no one here beside me
im all alone
quite, all alone
no one to comfort me or guide me

why is there no one here with me on the long and winding road. to lift my heavy load. if there were someone here with me, how happy i would be

but im alone
quite all alone
all by myself im all alone

'I'm All Alone' from Spamalot


Stace said...

Cheer up Andrew... you're not all alone. I think of you very often - don't know if that actually counts, but at least you're not mentally alone... so to speak...

Andrew said...

Thanks Stace. I've been attending the Discworld Convention and that has cheered me up a little bit. I think one of the things I need is a good rest, perhaps a good read in a good coffee shop - however back to Convention today. I TALKED TO TERRY PRATCHETT!!!!! GUESS WHAT????? I TALKED TO TERRY PRATCHETT!!!!! I TALKED TO TERRY PRATCHETT!!!!!

Well actually others talked I just listened. It was through a online phonecall thingy - there was no camera so we could not see anything, but his voice resounded on the speaker system.

I am glad I checked my blog today - I often cant get to computers on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Take care and hopefully I can visit soon.

I found some good quotes from other countries...

He who farts the most laughs the most - from Scandinavia somewhere

Food and Guests go bad after three days. - I guess this means I shouldn't visit people for four days. I wonder when the next public holiday is...

Kind regards

Stace said...

Public holiday this Monday!!