Friday, 9 April 2010

Can I Please Have a Drink

All I want to do is curl up with a good cup of coffee and read. I’ve worked extremely productively for the entire morning – much better then I have worked earlier in the week. And on my lunch hour I ordered a large coffee and sat down to read. But the coffee was horrible. I did something that I’ve never done before and that was to leave it there. I have to eat there as they make decent vegetarian food and they are extremely nice, especially to me. I went to the other café on campus and got a small coffee, but that was horrible too. Why can’t people make decent coffee? If I had my car on me I would go down to the street to find something.

Also to me an Australian cappuccino is better when it is a third coffee, a third milk and a third froth. If the froth is very thin, it has not been made correctly.

Listen to me whinging and wasting money when there are bigger issues around …

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