Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Inner Workings

People are interesting things. The way they work internally, and the way that they get a long with other people.

I suffer from a slight condition where my body does not create all the necessary chemicals to survive. So I need to get some particular medication every three months. If I do not have it on time, I feel depressed, demotivated, weak, and insecure. At these times the slightest comment from some one else can make me feel horrible.

I am running a bit late and well work is rather horrible at the moment. Work is stressful. The boss has just left for five weeks of holiday - giving us three days warning, and I hear has been complaining about us in meetings, two colleagues are at each others’ throats, and another colleague seems to be avoiding me, when in the past I would have thought that we were friends. I need to sit and have lunch with them to cheer myself up, but they disappear.

Every one seems to like the fact that I work here, like my jokes, use my knowledge when they need help, like how I say good morning to them. They all say that work would be “up s creek” without me. However no one wants to sit down with me once or twice a week and have a cup of coffee.

Which is frankly making me feel a bit ill and very upset.

I’ve applied for another job, and I sort of don’t want it, but when I’m in this mood, I just don’t know. I think that they wont miss me.

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