Friday, 8 August 2008

Chocolate to Share - Part 1

Hi all, I wanted to tell you about a number of great trips that I have made recently, (Canberra, Fyshwick, Yarrawonga, Shepparton) however I can not find the photos to share with you. So instead I will go on a tangent.

In Mooroopna, a country town in Victoria about one minute's drive from Shepparton, there is a 'SPC Ardmona' factory where you can get bulk canned fruit for cheap prices, usually the packaging might be dammaged or have no labels (or similar). However they often have other bits and pieces too, such as wine, chocolates, fresh produce, toothpaste. The trick is to remember how much everything costs normally and work out if you are really saving money or not.
I was looking around the factory when I spied a box of Crunchies, a beautiful bar of honeycomb covered in milk-chocolate. The box cost eight dollars.

I looked at the box.
It was still a while to the use-by-date. It did not look damaged in any way.
It should contain at least eight, I'll get it.
I took it to work on Monday and left it in the car. By the time lunch arrived I was feeling like some chocolate so I walked to the car, got the box out of the boot, opened the box and realised that there was


And they tasted beautiful.


Stace said...

Bargain!! :)

Lletna said...

things people make you do... like shopping at SPC!