Monday, 8 September 2008

Last Weekend

I’ve had an awesome weekend.

Afternoon tea at work. Just sat and chatted for about an hour eating lamingtons and cake and drinking coffee. Talking about travelling to Kalgoorlie and exercising and other stuff.

Slept in. Turned 27 years young. Drove my little brother, David, to a 21st party and picked him up at midnight. Sang “Always look on the bright side of life” about twenty five times in the car as little brother is trying to learn the words.

Happy Birthday to David’s friend who kindly offered to send some birthday cake to me. David however said "No". Should have not picked him up.

I met up with Stace who shouted me Pancakes and bought me a great book. I had a great time catching up with Stace, wondering/walking around aimlessly (and aimfully) and talking about everything. The only thing that was missing was a game of Trivial Pursuit. I then shouted Stace to a hot chocolate at Koko Black which was fantastic (picture to follow).

Stace does not know what an affogato is! How could anyone be so poorly educated? Next time I will show her.

Then it was off to rehearsals for Dylan Thomas’s Llareggub. There are a bunch of excellent people/actors/characters in Llareggub. I sat down and chatted to everyone and Julian serenaded me with “Happy Birthday”.

Dinner at “Lentil as Anything” (the original one in St Kilda) which was amazing. The food was so beautiful. Lentil as Anything is a vegetarian restaurant where you pay only what you think the food deserves. If you love vegie food I strongly recommend it. However if you like silver tableware and tablecloths do not go. I’m told that the food is better at the St Kilda one than the other two in Melbourne.

Went to Akland Street, St Kilda, where we found a cake-shop and had cake and coffee – I have been extreamly spoilt.

Morning tea at Dad’s house with Dad and Step-mom - Fathers Day here in Australia. Dinner at Gran’s with Lynne and Caitlyn and Mum and Gran and George and David. Gran made a lovely soup and her chocolate cake was wonderful – heaps better than the one on Saturday.

Now I’m going to join a gym to burn off all of the cakes, lamingtons, slices, pancakes and coffee.


Lletna said...

anyone who knows you - would know that you don't have to join the gym since you are so skinny!

Just chocolate in moderation!

Andrew said...

But I am unfit. Extreamly unfit. That is why I need to exercise.

Stace said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your weekend!! Me too :) I mean I enjoyed mine, not yours. I didn't have your weekend.

chantell - skinny and fit are not the same. Not at all. I'm fairly slim, yes? I tried to walk up a mountain today....... boy am I unfit!!! wow.

Andrew said...

Stace - perhaps we should walk up mountains together