Tuesday, 23 September 2008


Happy Equinox to all.

Spring has sprung the grass is wiz
I wonder where the birdies is
People say the bird is on the wing
But thats absurd
The wing of cause is on the bird


Stace said...

How is the Melbourne Spring this year? I'm noticing Canberra has very definite seasons. It was around the 3rd day of September that I noticed all the trees in bloom and birds singing and stuff... There was a very obvious and quick transition between Winter and Spring. Odd. But nice, to see the sun!

Andrew said...

Nice. Warm/ish.
The Equinoxial winds were not as bad as past years. Had a little bit of rain - but need so much more. Actually, Melbourne doesn't need the rain - the farmers and the dams need the rain.
Enjoy the Sun.