Monday, 17 November 2008

Writing Month

Not only is it National Story Writing Month, but it is also National Blog Writing Month. Or so I hear. Can you write a blog a day for all of November, I certainly can not. Plus I’ve missed 15 days.

I had fun in the first week of November. First there was the Spring Racing Carnival where horses run around in circles and people wear weird clothes and get drunk and throw-up all over other people’s shoes on the trains home.

My horse came last which is excelent! It is a long running tradition.

I just don’t understand why women wear high heel shoes when they can not either balance or walk in them. Do people practice walking in heels? Oh well, just another mystery of life.

Then there was a certain election somewhere. I spent the entire afternoon watching two news websites watching the states turn either blue or red, it was fun. Then I got to listen to the speeches of defeat and victory. I tell you what, they were both very very impressive. A lot better than the speeches our oz pollies do.

But what I thought was interesting was how after voting the Americans did not want to go to work. They wanted to party and watch the count. Which is what we do here.

I love our system where we vote on a Saturday (or is it a Sunday, I cant remember) there is always a BBQ whilst you are waiting. Or a craft stall, raising money for a local school or scouts group or something. And then people go home and catch up with friends and family. And at the closing of the poles you put the count up on the telly.

I also like how it is compulsory to turn up on voting day. To me I think it is a democratic duty. However it is your democratic right to vote for Donald Duck.


Lletna said...

Hey Andrew,

You not supposed to tell me who you voted for!

I'm sure Donald Duck,Mickey Mouse and Shrek would all be voted into parliament

Andrew said...

I did not say I voted for Donald Duck, I said that anyone can vote for Donald Duck if he/she choses.

No - Dummy votes only account for 5% of the votes. They would need to have a huge swing towards them

Stace said...

Aussie Elections are on Saturdays... I remember, because A Particular State very Conveniently held an Election on my Wedding Day.

Women wear high heels because... I actually don't know. I'm wearing heels today, mostly because I enjoy the "tap-tap-tap" sound as I walk, it makes me sound very dynamic and efficient, instead of my usual half-hearted shuffle. However my heels are always chunky; I generally don't wear those ones with tiny little points, I'm sure I'd fall over.