Thursday, 2 April 2009

April Fools Day

April Fools Day is a day when people play jokes on each other. There seem to be a number of different stories behind why, such as changes to calendars however it might be one of those things where no one will ever find out why.

Today I put up a couple of signs…
The main office can be assessed by two doors about fifteen large steps apart. One is the main door to the office and the other door is through the Finance Office.

Sign on Main Door:
Door jammed – Please use door through Finance. Thankyou, Property Services.

Sign on Finance Door:
Door immovable – Please use main office door. Thankyou, Property Services.

It worked brilliantly. About six people were taken in. And Diana was taken in twice. One of my victims said that the reason it seemed true was that I wrote Property Services on it.

And the laughs keep coming…
Discussion on the 2nd April

Barbara – How are you?

ME – Good, no mischief planned for today.

Barbara – I didn’t attribute that to you until Michele pointed it out.

Barbara – We’ve got twelve months to plot our revenge

ME – But what you haven’t taken into consideration is that I’ve also got twelve months to plot.

Barbara – But this time there will be a difference. We will win.

I think the challenge is on.

I also put a post-it note on Mercy’s mouse. The post-it note stopped the laser so the mouse would not work. Poor Mercy works in an office where the people don’t often talk to each other. She was very appreciative of the practical joke. I think I’ll have to pull some more on her.

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Stace said...

Absolutely nothing happened to me for April Fools... I think most of my colleagues forgot about it, or were too busy to bother.