Monday, 29 June 2009

Coffee Problem? Me?

I wanted to take a photo of every coffee and hot chocolate that I drank for a week, but I quickly realised that I would have heaps of photos that look almost the same. So instead I took photos of coffee and hot chocolates from all the places where I consumed such drinks in about a month.
cuppachino at work
cuppachino in Yarragon

a very large hot chocolate

cuppachino in Mount Waverley

white coffee at Dad's house

hot chocolate Glen Waverley style

cuppachino in Nagambie by the lake on a wintery day

chocolate martini at my chocolate spot

cuppachino at the pizza place in Chadstone
bust coffee in Chadstone says my aunt

at work when a normal cuppachino wont do

white coffee at Gran's house

when waiters give you a take away cup when you wanted to eat in

sister's house in Healesville
similar table to at work

a latte in my chocolate spot in Chadstone

a hot chocolate in my chocolate spot in Chadstone

in Eltham

cuppachino to go with the cake?

accross the road in Bundoora

at work

best coffee in Benalla

more cuppachinos in Benalla


Stace said...

That chocolate martini looks awesome, where's that?? Also, the card in that Yaragon photo looks oddly like one sitting on my table right now... weird :)

Andrew said...

Hi Stace,
Chocolate martini was from Koko Black. They have two types. One straight chocolate and the other with raspberry stuff. I recommend it!.
Regarding the card, there are a lot of cards in the world so it only makes sense that occasionally you see the same card twice.
- some people think I'm a sort of a card

Von said...

Isn't that cad?

We must go out for chocolate martinis! That looks sensational!!

Andrew said...

Card or Cad? Two similar words with a number of meanings.

Card - a usually clownishly amusing person.

Cad - a man who acts with deliberate disregard for another’s feelings or rights.

I certainly hope that I'm more of a Card than a Cad.


phoeberae said...
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