Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Drinking Problem

Okay I admit it, I have a problem with coffee, well with drinking coffee. Imagine the scene, its one of those beautiful Melbourne Autumn mornings where everything is fresh and misty, the sun is starting to come out and warm up and you just know that it will be a nice warm day.

The time is 10am and you have had a productive morning and you deserve a break, so you shout the boss to a cup of coffee. You are sitting down, enjoying intelligent conversation and cradling the coffee to warm up your hands – too hot to drink. Then you blink and suddenly your cup is empty, the entire contents are now on your lap. The coffee spreading out looking like you have seriously wet yourself. Your think woollen jumper soaked through, your t-shirt as well.

You ask the octogenarian barista for some napkins, he is too busy flirting with some first year students and you receive one measly small napkin which doesn’t help at all. Now the milk is making your woollen jumper smell, and smell bad. The barista finally realises you need help but it is too late, there is only one thing to do and that is to go home, change clothes and have a shower. But first you must go up three flights of stairs to your office to get your stuff, you take your jumper off, holding it in front of your soiled pants hoping to hide the huge stains and sneak up the back stairs. You get your stuff run for the car and drive home.

Oh Coffee, after every thing that I have done for you?

Hello, my name is Andrew and I have a drinking problem...

1 comment:

Stace said...

I hope you've learnt your lesson - no blinking while drinking! :)