Monday, 31 August 2009

In Search of Relaxation

After a very busy and stressful month at work it is nice to take a few days off and go in search of that weird concept called rest.

People have different ideas of what rest is, for some it is gardening, and for others it is sports. However I think that you can’t go wrong with a good book and a coffee or two. And while I’m searching for a coffee perhaps some music…

The forecast was for a fine day with strong winds developing at 5:00pm with hail, rain and lightning. But I would be fine. I’ll be back by four (famous last words?).

The day started out fine. The sky so clear and blue, as if it had been newly washed and the trees and grasses were green!

David has been rehearsing the trumpet part for Miserable Les for his symphonic orchestra which made me want to hear Phillip (from Play School) sing about stars, (as it naturally would) so I put on the CD as I drove down the Monash and the South Gippy Highway. Enjoying the nice trip and the nice scenery.

A calming two hours and 201.7km later I find myself in Yarram. A sign informs me that the time is 11:45 and that the temperature is 14 degrees Celsius. I stepped out of my car (after parking it), breathed in the fresh air, flipped a coin to help choose between “The Brightonomicon” and “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse” and took the winner to find some coffee.

And lo and behold, Coffee was found at the Crazy Dog Café.

One cappuccino and a couple of intriguing chapters later and the wanderlust hit me again, so I staggered up, returned to my car and drove peacefully to my next stop. Which is roughly where I caught Hunters and Collectors singing “Throw Your Arms Around Me” on 96.7 (Triple J) – I think it is a conspiracy that previously I have only heard Paul McDermott sing it, once extremely, extremely well. And the other times not at the same standard.

A salad sandwich and a coffee and more chapters of THCBOTA were consumed in a helpful town where large flags proudly boasted the town’s name outside shops in bright patriotic spender.
Though their music shops had a lot of CDs covering both kinds of music (country and western), sadly I couldn’t find the Blues’ Brothers soundtrack for my brother. However I did see this nice pun on a furniture shop.

Which made me think of some of Weird’s music, which I listened to on the way home (Poodle Hat). But then hunger set in. I drove through Morwell, no cafés jumped out, and the only prominent places to eat seemed to be fast food joints.

I continued driving to Trafalgar where I found Café Obsession whose staff and cliental were happy and jovial and I ordered a cappuccino and a bite to eat. The chocolate muffin was superb – not too chocolately, just right. And the cappuccino was delicious. - by far the best stop on my route.

And I had a groovy second coffee and read in total relaxation, enjoying the atmosphere and gazing out the windows.

And what lovely windows they were:
Near the bottom were swooping birds and a list of substances available at the Café; cupcake; chocolate; experience; latte; hope; etc. And that is what I associate coffee with; experience; love; acceptance; friends; happiness…
And then a gentle drive home (with a little bit of rain a bit of wind (gusts up to 100km/hr) and a bit of radio 774am)


phoeberae said...
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phoeberae said...
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Cazzie!!! said...

What an awesome trip report Andrew. It has made me hungry and also given me incentve to drive on up to my cousin's place tomorrow and just stop when I want to for a cup of chino :) Through Malmsbury I reckon.

Cafe Obsession Crew Leader said...

Thanks for the great review Andrew... hope to see you again sometime in Café Obsession. Look forward to following your photographic coffee journey!

Andrew said...

Hi Cazzie,
I recommend it. I don't know Northern Victoria as well as the east, but give me more time... Can trips be peaceful with children in the car? When my sister and I were young we used to sing the whole way to grandmother's house, the whole two hours...

Hi Crew Leader,
Thanks for dropping by my blog. I had a lovely time at Cafe Obsession, so I will be back.