Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Fathers Day

Late Friday night you are told that it is up to you to find a place for Father’s Day Lunch.

Saturday morning I wake up, it is my birthday, and as there is no fun in letting your fingers do the walking, I set out to find a place for Father’s Day Lunch.

I suggested Montrose, as it lays half way between Dad’s house and Brother 2’s house. So down Mt Dandenong Tourist Drive I drove.

I passed a nice looking Chocolate Place, but as Chocolate is not good for lunch I continued driving, up and down the winding road. I passed a few more eateries, but was travelling too fast to stop. And then a helpful lookout sign appeared and I pulled over, hopped out of the car and said “This is where we will eat tomorrow”

And luckily enough there was a café on the other side of the road, or I would have had to organise a picnic.

On Sunday, Dad and I had cappuccinos

My brothers had iced-chocolates

Brother 2 sat too close to the fire the night before and his money melted.

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