Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Storm is Coming

Most of my friends don’t care much about sport, and I don’t either, unless I get caught up in a tipping contest (I think I’ve won this year) or if it is the cricket and perhaps if it looks like Richmond is going to finish ninth.

I put on the radio last night to listen to a program about television, and as I put it on a bit early and caught the end of The Storm Hour. Probably the only hour on radio in Melbourne dedicated to the Rugby League team Melbourne Storm.

The Storm is playing in a final on the weekend and the weather forecast is for a storm, ie hail, rain, thunder, lightning, wind, etc. However the nice Melbourne Storm supporters in Sydney interpreted the weather forecast, not as a forecast for the weather but a forecast of the match, the Melbourne Storm will triumph – which tickled my sense of humour.

Bring your raincoats and good luck.

The AFL grand final is on this Saturday and instead of watching it, I’ll be watching a play – does this mean that I’ll have to move to WA or Tassie? (I dont think I'ld enjoy QLD or SA. And I'm too much of a Victorian to move to NSW)

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