Thursday, 5 November 2009

An Interesting Building

When you drive down St Georges Road in Fitzroy you can see a church spire towering over the surrounding buildings. The spire is made from a metallic substance that reflects the sky. On sunny days it is a clear blue and on cloudy days the reflective grey of the spire can seem to disappear against the clouds.

I arrived in Fitzroy one sunny Sunday morning and thought I would take a photo or two of the spire. And this gave me the opportunity to have a good look at the rest of building’s exterior.

Trying to find information about the church was next to impossible. Even the trust-worthy internet was no help. The Hungarian Reformed Church was probably built in the 1880s and started it’s life as St Luke’s Church of England. It is made from bluestone by architects Crouch & Wilson. It has an organ built by William Anderson which is listed with the National Trust.

Crouch & Wilson were also the architects for; the Prahran Town Hall, Victorian College for the Deaf, Hawksburn Primary School, Royal Institute for the Blind and the East Melbourne Synagogue.

I want to know what the church was before it was reformed... Or what the church is now that it is reformed...


Fitzroyalty said...

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Andrew said...

Thanks Fitzroyalty for dropping by. Sadly I am not often in Fitzroy - I live in the south of Melb. So I wont be that relevant. But I will certainly take this opp to find out more about Fitzroy.

Hilary said...

That's a beautiful building. I think I'd find myself photographing it fairly often if it was nearby. It's jut a tad out of my day trip range. ;) Nicely done.

Andrew said...

Thanks Hilary! If you are ever in Melbourne there are a number of nice buildings around. We dont have buildings over 200 years old, but our architects have certainly gained inspiration from all over the world.