Thursday, 29 July 2010

And one hundred more

Coffee in Sorrento. This was a nice comfortable looking place, a wood fire, nice sandwiches, sadly the coffee was not the best...

... so I walked down the street and had this Hot Chocolate...

... whilst sitting outside looking down the main street.

Then in Preston at the Greek cake shop.

At the Otway Fly

Max's at Melbourne Central - nice, but I think I enjoy the chocolate more than the taste of the coffee. Licking all the chocolate off the cup. As you can see, near the handle there is a lip, if you are not careful, this lip fills up with liquid and as you drink, the liquid goes all over your hand. I have worked out how to drink without this happening, but I think I should test my method a few more times.

In Marysville. Nice coffee, apart from a little bit of burnt milk - which is crime that should be punishable by death. In the background is George's long black.

Bought in Lonsdale Street, near Russell in a nice cake shop. Photo taken on car roof in the car park under the Arts Centre.

In Dad's favorite cafe in Knox City on the ground floor near the fruit shop.

At the same place on a differnt day, on a different coloured table.


Stace said...

I should probably start keeping good coffee here, so that firstly I can offer you more than tea, and secondly you won't have to drive so far all the time. ;)

Andrew said...

You know what that would mean? I would have to bring my camera and take photos of it.

And I like tea!

I can sit down and chat and drink tea after tea after tea, but can only do one coffee. I would have to leave earlier if I drank coffee.