Tuesday, 27 July 2010

One Hundred Coffees

This is my one hundredth post and what better thing is there to blog about than coffee? It was been a while since my last coffee update so this is what I have been drinking... For some reason I can only upload ten pictures, so here we go...

Cappuccino at Howlong - in NSW near Albury-Wodonga. The coffee cup in the background belongs to Lletna's mum.

In Doncaster Shopping Town. A very very good coffee. I can not remember the name of the shop. Something like "Coffee Hit" near Coles on the ground floor.

At the Melbourne Concert Hall in EQ.

In Carlton at the expensive place underneath the cinema.

Another one from "Caffeine" in Swanston Street - this one with a white lid.

Actors drinking beer with a coffee - Photo by Erin Voth.
That coffee was bought from a place just round the corner from Brunswick Arts called Serena Coffee on Hope Street. Beautiful coffee. I don't know if this is one that I drank or someone else.

Brunetti in Carlton

This was supposed to be a Chocolate Thinkshake but for some reason it is a Strawberry Milkshake.


A pizza place in Apollo Bay. One of the two coffees I drunk in two days travel from Melbourne to Cape Otway to Colac to Home.

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Erin Voth said...

Yea coffees...The coffee with the actors is one of the many I injected into my veins while running Candle Ends Festival. Many thank yous for being my coffee man Mr Andrew, I can always rely on you to be on time to shows with coffees :) it's real love