Tuesday, 7 September 2010

A busy birthday weekend

I have had a nice birthday and have been spoilt dreadfully by all of my friends. I had dinner on Saturday with Stace and Aiden and Elspeth who gave me a beautiful book, and I had fun being beaten at chess. I will need to practice my chess skills.

Then on Sunday I had morning tea at 'Snow Pony' on Whitehorse road in Balwyn. Their coffee was beautiful. The owners also own 'Porgy and Mr Jones' in Camberwell which has won awards due to their coffee and breakfasts.

We had to wait for about 45 minutes to get a table, which I didn't mind doing, but boy my brother couldn't stand it, and I don't think my Dad or stepmum was too impressed. But the coffee was worth it.

Then off to rehearsals in the city.

Then afternoon tea at the Tin Pot with Erin. And Aniko and Julian were able to drop by too. So I had beautiful friends, beautiful conversation and good tea in a proper tea cup.

And Sunday dinner with family. I got a lovely card from my nephew "To Anjroo' and read to him a lovely story called 'Mowgli Brothers' which Erin kindly gave to me.

At work on Monday I went to reception and Diana jumped out of the recycling bin wearing a multicoloured wig and blowing a horn.

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