Saturday, 8 January 2011

Birds and Animals

One holiday a few years back, there was a Monday night. Every restaurant was closed apart from the RSL which wouldn't open for another hour, so I sat on a pier and took photos of a pelican for an hour. Ever since then, my family, especially George, have given me greif about taking photos of pelicans. To get back at George I thought I would take photos of all the birds I saw in Tassie - there's a few animals here as well.

Seahorses - 'The World of the Seahorse' at Beauty Point

Seagull taken whilst on the Spirit of Tasmania 1 in Port Phillip Bay

Plover - LaTrobe

Pied Oyster Eater - Wineglass Bay

I know this isn't a real bird, but I liked the photo for some odd reason.

Peacock - Launceston

Macaque - Launceston

Lizard - Dove Lake & Cradle Mountain

Ducks - Richmond Bridge.
A little girl was chasing these ducks.

Ducks - Tasmanian Arboretum

Little Red Thing - Port Arthur

More Birds - Tasmanian Arboretum

Cormorant - Dove Lake

Chickens - Middle of nowhere

Blue Wren - Launceston
This friendly fellow kept on jumping on the rock, jumping off the rock, jumping on the rock, jumping ...

Black Swans - Tasmanian Arboretum
I did not enjoy the Tasmanian Arboretum which is near Sheffeild/Devonport, but it was worth going to see black swans

Wallaby - Wineglass Bay Carpark

A seagull - I saw about five in my trip perched upon statues. Have I told you my joke about the two statues and the wizard?

Currawong - Dubbil Barril

That is all of the birds that I managed to take photos of, I also saw some other Australian wildlife, but that will have to wait for another post.
Oh... I did see one pelican:



Stace said...

I had Ellie on my lap when I opened this, and she was pointing at the screen saying "Bird! Bird! Bird!" Until we got to the kangaroo, which silenced her for a moment, but then she said "Dog!"

Anyway, nice photos. I do like that one of the stained-glass type bird; it almost looks like a deliberately set up shot instead of a random. It's one of those "Hmm I'm meant to look like reality, but I really look like I'm arranged to look like reality" things, if you know what I mean!

Andrew said...

How cute! I can understand the dog.

I think I know what you mean, as I was thinking something along those lines when I took it.