Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Sheffield is the town of murals. Over thirty murals tell the history of the town and the surrounding area, and it makes it feel that you are walking in a gallery when you stroll down the main street.

Sheffield also has a shop called 'The World of Marbles' it has a studio where you can watch people make marbles - sadly closed on the day I was there - and thousands of interesting marbles.

Some made by people arround the world and some made by Tasmanians.

But bring some money - I brought one for $35 and it was one of the cheapest.

However in the back room there is thousands of cheaper marbles - ones which you could play with.

Sheffield also runs a mural competion every year, entrants are displayed behind the Information Centre. These two entrants to the 2010 competition were my favorite murals, including the murals around town.

'Turangawaewae' by Mark Spijkerbosch

'The Chess Board of Life' by Fereleth Lee

The previous winner also gets to be displayed for another year...

2009 Winner - Mark Spijkerbosch 'Fire and Life'

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