Friday, 3 October 2008


Caught up with Henry and Huw today, the three musketeers - they never called us. Beautiful food at Greek Cafe. Dips and chips and chocolate. Corner of Lonsdale and Russel. The coffee fresh and fragent. The smell of eucalyptus sented rain gently wafting through the doors. Passers by skipping in puddles and passengers singing in trams. Who could ask for anything more than good friends, food and drink.


Lletna said...

good that you still catch up with huey and luey (henry) since you are duey!
Remember to smile!

Stace said...

Mmmm that's a really nice restaurant, I went there a couple of times with Dom. I like Greek food :) We could start calling you the Three Musketeers if you think it would help?

Andrew said...

Hi Lletna,
I always remember to smile. I hope you are remembering as well.

Hi Stace,
It is a nice place. I dont think we should be called the three musketeers, as that name is already taken by another group.

Hi Andrew,
The last sentence in the main post should have a question mark as it is a rhetorical question.