Tuesday, 28 October 2008

What a piece of work man is

Life can be odd. I hate getting places late, however sometimes it can not be avoided. Take today for example I had to take my car to the panel-beaters to get a quote and then drive to work, so I was about an hour late.

Usually I am one of the first in the building, however being an hour late meant that everyone else was already at their desks and I had a choice of two stair cases to use. One which would advoid everyone, and another one which would make me go past everyone. I decided to go past everyone one.

Which meant that I said hello to about nine different people and then chatted with them all for five mins or so, which meant that I didn’t get to my desk for another thirty minutes. It was a great thirty minutes, talking to Diana about cars, Anna about coffee, Chris about powerful words.

So I guess, sometimes it is okay to arrive late.


Stace said...

Arriving late is something you're allowed to do as long as you usually arrive early. It's only when somebody is ALWAYS or OFTEN late that anybody really cares, in my experience :) (Except me... I also hate being late, but it's nice to know I can get away with it if necessary!!)

Andrew said...

Hi Stace, I just dont know some of these social rules. I like it how my friends dont mind if I am abnormally early. I guess it is just a part of my charcter, like how some people are left handed and others bark at cars.