Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Acting is a funny business, especially when plays are so poetic. Every line is beautifully written and there is an extraordinary amount of real/imagined pressure to get every line word perfect. And because of this pressure I think a lot of people cracked. However we all covered for each other so the audience did not realise that we stuffed up. There was one piece where I had to do three characters lines, but it worked. Here is a snippet which we got correct, with me as the voice:

Child: Look

Voice: Says a child to her mother as they pass by the window of Schooner House

Child: Captain Cat is crying

Voice: Captain Cat is crying

Captain Cat: Come back, come back

Voice: Up the silences and echoes of the passages of the eternal night

Child: He’s crying all over his nose

Voice: Says the child. Mother and child walk on down the street

Child: He’s got a nose like a strawberry

Voice: The child says, and then she forgets him too. She sees in the still middle of the blue bagged bay No Good Boyo fishing from the Zanzibar.


Stace said...

That's nice :) I wish I'd been able to go see it.

Andrew said...

I certainly fell in love with the language. I am hoping to get a DVD of the production, and I'll show it to youse guys if you would like.

However I have been waiting for six years for a DVD of a production I did in 2001, so dont hold your breath.

However someone different taped Snatches this year, so I can show you that. Not as poetical though.

I think I might blog more snippets from Llareggub in the future.