Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I'm sure that I'm not clumsy

Monday was a beautiful spring day, I had arrived at the theatre a couple of hours early, and I thought that I would take the opportunity to have a good rest. I strolled down to the local shops and brought some fruit and orange juice from the IGA and some bread from the bakery, strolled back to the theatre and sat on the grass, with a lovely tall gum tree throwing his shadow over me to protect me from the strong, warm, spring sun.

After reading for quite some time I thought it would be nice to stroll down to the main street for a coffee, so I unfolded my legs and sprang up. But something was not quite right. I looked down, and my feet were struggling to keep me balanced, they turned sidewards and I came crashing down to the ground and a huge ‘crack’ echoed down the street.

I poked both feet and could not feel a thing, they were fast a sleep, and as I started reflecting on the crack I thought that they were both broken.

A few minutes later, took up by slowing finishing off the last of the orange juice, it was clear that I had sprained/twisted/turned by right ankle which was nicely swelling up, but thankfully the left one was fine. The moral of this story is to check if your feet have fallen asleep before standing up.

Two days later filled with comments like ‘That’s a very Andrew way to get injured’ and ‘Some people hurt them selves playing professional sport, some people hurt themselves running a marathon, Andrew hurts himself by standing up’ I have come to the conclusion that some people think that I am clumsy. I’m not, am I? I wouldn’t get hurt more than anyone else…

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