Sunday, 14 November 2010

Old Quick Thoughts

These thoughts of mine have been in the draft folder for a long time...

I have had a pair of long green woollen traditional Scottish socks in my car for four days. I think I look ok in a kilt.

I am happy that I have used “had had” and “that that” before in the one post.

I am trying to workout whether to increase debt and fitness or decrease debt and fitness.

I won $12.50 in Tattslotto.

I think the smaller prizes in Tattslotto are larger when there are less participants to share a part in it. Plus it is a waste of money.

I am tired

Work has put up posters saying “Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases” I think that they think being well is just as important as war time secrets – Loose Lips Sink Ships. – And if that is the case why cant I have more sick leave?

When you plan some blogs and then put in random blogs, your planned ones don’t make as much sense as they should.

My work colleagues don’t spy on me – they don’t notice odd things in my car that have been in there over a week like baby seats and book shelves.

I’ve had Derek Bourgeois’s song ‘Serenade’ stuck in my head. It was written to be played at his wedding when his wife walked down the aisle. The music starts in 11/8 (3+3+2+3) and then goes into 13/8 (3+3+2+2+3 I think)

I have worked out how to schedule blog posts.

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