Saturday, 20 November 2010

Some Plays Are Just Odd

Another old draft...

Some plays are just odd, and odd things tend to happen... We had a couple of interesting performances...

B tried to light a letter, which did not work, so he threw the letter and the lighter onto a pile of props on stage. After a while the paper lit and smoke started rising. B2 told one of the Frenchies who managed to find the paper and put it out.

Z seemed to arrived drugged, and W and I spent every minute that we could spare watching him making sure that he was okay. Especially when he was carrying the Circular Saw and standing on a platform, swaying to some wind that only he could feel.

A glass getting smashed on stage, where actors had to crawl all over and die. L told me about the glass and so I spent a huge portion of the play trying to sweep up all of the glass.

Instead of hors d'oeuvers I set up little cup-cakes with a candle in one for B's birthday. Seeing all the actors smiling, wanting to eat cake.

Pretending to eat eucalyptus leaves and maybe getting a bit carried away and then later in the evening feeling ever so sleeping and wondering if I was as stoned as a koala.

A door being pulled off it's hinges and having to hold the door shut for the rest of the performance, and when the curtain calls came on, holding it shut with one leg as I bowed and then exited.

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